Q. How can you help me?

A. We begin our home care process with a careful assessment of a client’s physical, social, mental and environmental needs. We get to know your interests as well as your needs and analyze which home care services work best for you and your loved ones.

Q. Do I have to have someone for a set number of days per week, is there a minimum?

A. No, we provide assistance from one day to 7 days a week with a few to continous twenty-four hours assistance.

Q. Does the care have to be ongoing or can it be short periods?

A. We provide long and short term care – all of our care plans are individually developed with you and our RN- Director of Nursing to meet the clients current needs.

Q. Do you offer Veterans discounts?


Q. How much will the care service cost?

A. Our charges are competitive – please call 952-500-8750 for current prices and to discuss your needs.

Q. Are CareMinders Home Care caregivers insured?

A. Yes, we are fully insured.

Q. Are the caregivers at CareMinders Home Care fully screened and trained?

A. Yes, we developed an Industry-exclusive 14 point background screening of all caregivers. It is the most comprehensive in the home care industry. Training is done before any caregiver is scheduled for service. Their is also an ongoing training program with quarterly and annual checkpoints. All care is supervised by an RN who is mentor, manager and 24 hour support for each caregiver.

Q. Do you provide Medicare or Medicaid services?

A. No, in order to provide excellent quality of care we provide on private pay and long term care funded services.

Q. Do you provide services for children?

A. No, our services are for adults with disabilities and older people.

Q. My regular support worker needs a holiday would CareMinders Home Care be able to help?

A. Yes, we provide a respite care assistant to cover your support worker’s holiday. We can also escort clients on their holiday visits anywhere in the USA.

Q. Are home care expenses deductible on my Federal Taxes?

A. The IRS allows certain tax deductions for home care services. The IRS Publication 502 Medical and Dental Expenses deals with what is deductible. Click here for the IRS Publication.

Q. How can I trust a stranger in my home?

A. Each of our caregivers must pass a rigorous 14 point background screening that far exceeds the state regulatory requirements and is the most comprehensive in the industry. We typically hire the best 5% of caregiver applicants. Other companies hire the rest. In addition, all caregivers are supervised by registered nurses.

Q. I’ve heard independent practitioners are cheaper; is it dangerous to hire one?

A. Yes to both questions! For safety and security, each of the caregivers with CareMinders Home Care  is bonded and insured. Independent practitioners can hold clients responsible for injuries that occur while they are on the job. Plus, they are not subjected to our comprehensive industry exclusive background screening process.

By contracting with a legitimate company with quality credentials, the family need not worry about liability from taxes, worker’s compensation, overtime tracking and payments or any of the other problems associated with directly hiring workers.

Another major issue for many families is what happens if a private caregiver or their child get’s sick and the caregiver has to call off their shift? We have a pool of caregivers to draw from to provide uninterrupted service. The same is true of caregiver vacations, holiday’s and departures.

CareMinders Home Care is available to assist your loved ones by offering in home care that is safe, effective, mitigates inherent risks and is affordable. Based on the needs of the client, caregivers who meet your criteria are assigned from a matching process to assure the best possible fit. All services are supervised by a registered nurse, while offering value-added clinical oversight of the patient’s health status.

Q. How can I pay for your services?

A. CareMinders Home Care  accepts long term care insurance and private pay including major credit cards.

Q. How do I get started with CareMinders Home Care?

A. The first step is contacting us. From there we can conduct an initial assessment of your physical, social, mental and environmental needs.