Client Stories

The best way to get to know us is through our clients’ perspective. Our clients and their loved ones have had firsthand experience with CareMinders Home Care  and have been kind enough to share their thoughts.

We encourage you to read all of our client stories, and we look forward to receiving yours.



Brian, son of Duane and Lorraine

“Both mom and dad need help. They love Mary. They have developed a good relationship with her. They are sorry when the weekends come and she isn’t there!”

Iona, age 82

“She made me feel at ease. All the caregivers at CareMinders are excellent. All the girls are pleasant and they do good work. They smile when they come to work.”

Patsy, age 77, has Lewy Body Dementia.

“Our caregiver is a blue ribbon worker. She is dependable and thoughtful and has great communication with us.”

Fred, age 75

“Our caregiver exceeds my expectations. She doesn’t push me. She is a joy to work with.”

Lorene, age 95, had a stroke, uses a live-in caregiver

“Our caregiver is perfect. I really like her. She is so caring and gentle. We mesh so well together.”


“Chrissy really gets along terrific with mom! Thanks so much!”


“The CareMinders scheduling, RN, and services staff always keeps in close communication with me. I always know how mom is doing and what they did with her each visit. I appreciate their flexibility when I need to make a schedule change. I really don’t know what I would do without their help these days.”


“Our caregiver sure is a hard worker. She gets a lot done fast. I am an old lady. I still like to laugh and tell stories about when I was growing up or sometimes a joke. She doesn’t get upset if I am having a bad day and need extra help.”

John’s wife

“She knows how to reposition and care for John in a calm and gentle manner.”


“Our caregiver fits right into the family!”

Son of DuWayne M.

“Thanks again for the assessment meeting held with our parents last night. Your organization seems to be run very professionally with great attention to detail.”

David H.

“We have been very satisfied with Natalie’s services she’s made a very positive difference in my recovery.”


“Cassandra beats me at cards all the time! She goes above and beyond. She picked up Sees candies for me at the Mall Of America, (I had a gift certificate.)”

Daughter of Mary M.

“Thank you so very much. You and Mark were amazing – you helped us more than you can know. I will hang on to your contact information and share it with others.”


“Our caregiver exceeds my expectations. She’s fabulous! She asks to do other tasks above and beyond. She’s fantastic.”


“She is the best Caregiver that we’ve ever had before. She’s a fast worker; she has a great attitude, and gets numerous tasks done. She is terrific! Our caregiver is great. Superb quality. Far better than anyone.”


“Perfect. I like all the girls; they are so nice to work with. They are welcome in my home anytime.”


“My mom-in-law is doing fine now. She’s perkier than she has been for a long time. I’m “just the daughter-in-law” so she didn’t always feel she had to be nice to me. A caregiver is the best solution, I don’t have to climb the walls and think of a reason not to always be there helping. She is much nicer to the caregiver. This is so worth it for me!”


“Both mom and dad need help. They love Mary. They have developed a good relationship with her. They are sorry when the weekends come and she isn’t there. We all really are impressed with Tanya also. She is right on top of it anytime. When my mom fell at 3 in the morning they called her because they didn’t know what to do and she took their calls. Night and day she is always there. She always will take care of a problem within the hour. I just can’t say enough about her!”


“CareMinders is a really terrific service. Meghan and Chrissy are independent and superb workers. They never needed any help with my mom who was in hospice. I have them on a pedestal…they were so good with mom.”


“Just a note of sincere appreciation for all you have done for my mom and I! I could not have gotten through the past several weeks without your help!”

Norma S.

“Thank you. I was very pleased with each person you sent.”